Books About Formula Ford and Racing

Steve Nickless is the foremost authority on Formula Ford and his superb and much coveted book THE ANATOMY AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE FORMULA FORD RACE CAR was published in 1993. Now, almost twenty years later, it remains the bible of the class and includes a comprehensive encyclopedia of practically every single FF1600 chassis built worldwide up through 1993. AnatomyAndDevelopment_128.jpg
DriveIt_128.jpg DRIVE IT, The Complete Book of Formula Ford, written by Englishman Philip Bingham in 1984, was the best book available on the hugely popular Club racing class - a class in which, at that time, provided the springboard for several up and coming drivers who were to go on to become F1 race winners. 
Paul VanValkenburgh's fascinating RACE CAR ENGINEERING & MECHANICS was a landmark book written by a vastly experienced engineer who was involved in many very significant racing machines. Even though it is almost twenty years old now, it is still a valuable resource for anyone looking for ways to understand, improve and tune their car's chassis and suspension. RacecarEngineering_128.jpg

Some books or authors need their own page, be sure to check them out too:

Jake Lamont

The 'bible' for the home-builder by the great contributor to the Formula Ford community.

Carroll Smith

From PREPARE TO WIN through DRIVE TO WIN, the works of the 'original race engineer'.

Mark Donohue

Gifted race driver, engineer, and Roger Penske's 'unfair advantage'.

Race Driving

Covering the practice, spirit, and experience of high-performance driving.

Racing Magazines

Current and past magazines for the Formula community.

Further Reading

Selected articles on the Kent engine, Formula Ford, and Racing.