Great Books on Race Driving

This list includes a wide range of books on racing driving. All of them are valuable and while some are more practical in nature, others explore more subtle aspects of high performance driving, the experience and the spirit of the sport. Any of these titles would be of interest to those new to the sport and some would prove useful to drivers with considerable experience who wish to hone their skills and drop their lap times a few more tenths!!

The first book that comes to mind is the great classic, THE RACING DRIVER (1958) by Denis Jenkinson, the famous English journalist who was Stirling Moss's co-driver when they scored that incredible victory in the Mille Miglia of 1955. This is a terrific study of the art of high speed driving and full of keen insight into the minds of the greatest drivers.



George Anderson's excellent book WINNING, vintage 1993, provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of road racing - with contributors Carroll Smith, Bertil Roos, Danny Collins, Tony Kester. WINNING is probably the best overall book on race driving for the new driver. It includes in-depth chapters on every important part of race driving and utilizes exceptionally good graphics to demonstrate the key points. If you were to get only one book, this should be it.


Carroll Smith's DRIVE TO WIN is a concise guide to the art of race car driving and includes a chapter for those - aren't we all - who see themselves as being the next F1 World Champion. Of all the books on race driving, this one provides the most insight into the mind of the driver and into the skills and knowledge necessary to race and win. How marvelously he can put into words what we are trying to do on the track. He has set new standards for enlightened exploration and expression of thought about the art of driving. Of course, his magnificent series of race prep books have transformed the world of race car preparation and are a must for any serious racer. DRIVE TO WIN is without doubt, in my view, the finest book on driving ever written. DriveToWin_256.jpg


THINK TO WIN is an amazing book by Don Alexander which concentrates on the mental approach and on methods for improving your lap times and chances of winning.

Ross Bentley's new books, SPEED SECRETS and INNER SPEED SECRETS are small, concise and very perceptive books on driving techniques.

Peter Scott's RACING - A DRIVER'S HANDBOOK is a practical guide to club racing and includes an overview of the school weekend and lists of tools, spares etc., - basic and solid information for the beginner.

BOB BONDURANT ON HIGH PERFORMANCE DRIVING is a reliable guide to the basics and a concise review of the instructing principles used at Bondurant's world famous school.

Another great book with associated video is GOING FASTER written by Carl Lopez and the Skip Barber Racing School. They're packed twenty years teaching experience into this lengthy and detailed book.

Great books by significant drivers include Senna's PRINCIPLES OF RACE DRIVING, Paul Frere's SPORTSCAR AND COMPETITION DRIVING, by a superb driver and journalist and Piero Taruffi's THE TECHNIQUE OF MOTOR RACING, the first race driving book ever published and an indispensable masterpiece for the advanced student.