The Unfair Advantage

by Mark Donohue

TheUnfairAdvantage_256.jpgMark Donohue's book "The Unfair Advantage" chronicles this great American driver's years in racing with special emphasis on the lengthy period he spent at Penske Racing where a string of world class, race winning cars were developed and perfected under his direction. These exceptional cars brought numerous race wins and championships to the team and this book provides a great deal of insight into their construction, rebuilding and preparation.

Donohue had an engineering degree from Brown University and he was also a very gifted, fast driver. The combination of his engineering knowledge, Roger Penske's penchant for perfect car preparation and the many "unfair advantages" they dreamt up meant they were a very difficult team to beat.

This book tells the whole story of the Indianapolis victory, many wins in Trans-Am and, of course, the triumph of Penske's 917-10 and 917-30 in the Can-Am series. This is a tremendously interesting, entertaining and insightful book.