Racing Magazines

Formula_magazine_128.jpg In the late 70's and early 80's, John Benton published the best racing magazine - FORMULA and then RACECAR which incorporated FORMULA. These exceptional publications covered everything from Formula Ford to Formula One and boasted contributors such as Pete Lyons, Mario Andretti, Technical Editor Pete Halsmer, Al Holbert, Carroll Smith and Nigel Roebuck. Racecar_magazine_128.jpg


The premier magazine for all open wheel racing classses was Rob Howden's Formula Car published in Canada until 2010 at which time it went full time onto the internet as Like the original magazine, the website covers Club Racing as well as all the North American semi-pro and pro racing series that are a ladder to ChampCar, IRL and Formula One. FormulaCar_magazine_256.jpg


Current sources of racing news and technical information include the SCCA's SportsCar (free with your Membership or available on some newstands) and the two great English publications, RACE CAR ENGINEERING and RACETECH which can be subscribed to online or found on better newstands everywhere.
SportsCar_magazine_128.jpg RaceTech_magazine_128.jpg  RacecarEngineering_magazine_128.jpg