Other Formula Ford Components

Lola 342 Wedge Fuel Cell Installation

Fuel bladders on the Lola 342 were contained within an area outside of the chassis members and were only protected by a thin aluminum side panel. These bladders were based on aircraft fuel tanks and were made of fairly puncture resistant materials but they were still exposed to potential damage in accidents.

This photo shows a "FuelSafe" wedge shaped fuel cell retro-fitted behind the seat and covered by an aluminum enclosure as required by SCCA regs. In the case of the 342 chassis, this modification necessitates shifting the oil sump tank to another location such as alongside the front left of the engine. As a result, the fuel load is centralized and as fuel is burned, the left/right weight balance of the car is maintained. Lola342_FuelCell_256.jpg


Tilton OT-II Racing Clutch

The Tilton OT-II is the racing clutch of choice for most Regional racers. It's a high quality open style 7.25" diameter racing clutch. Its machined aluminum cover is light and stiff. This size clutch gives longer disc life than a 5.5" clutch - typically used by National racers - at the expense of some rotating inertia. This clutch requires some machining of the standard FF flywheel. The proper pressure plate/spring color is "buff". AP makes a similar high quality clutch.