Hewland Transmissions

The ubiquitous Hewland MK 8-9 transmssion - or the American Webster variant - was used in almost all Formula Fords after the very earliest era - when Renault transmssions were used in, for example, the original Lotus 51s. In the late 1980's, cars began to be fitted with more contemporary units such as the LD200 or the Staffs gearbox. The Hewlands and Websters used a standard VW case with only slight modification. All the innards, side covers and back cover and bearing carrier were purpose built pieces and, over time, proved to be exceptionally reliable.

The annular throw-out bearing assembly - in this case by Tilton - is a superb upgrade to the standard transmission setup. Gone is the sloppy motion, the bent actuating arm and the messy slave cylinder installation. AnnularThrowout_256.jpg
A Webster transmission right out of the box after a compete rebuild by Taylor Race Engineering. WebsterTransmission_256.jpg
The Hewland LD200 has been the standard FF transmission on the technologically advanced generation of cars built in the early 1980's. LD200_256.jpg