FF1600 Kent Engine Startup and Break-in Procedure

Assumes the engine is not being dyno run

  1. Assemble engine properly. Install in car properly.
  2. Obtain appropriate liquid refreshment for end of day celebration and invite somebody over who’s done this before.
  3. Pump for oil pressure with plugs out.
  4. Install plugs and fire up.
  5. Check to be sure water is flowing through head. CRITICAL!
  6. Run at 2,500-3,000 rpm until up to temp. Maybe 10 minutes.
  7. Check for leaks, etc.
  8. Shut down and allow to cool.
  9. Re-torque head bolts.
  10. Adjust valve clearance.
  11. Replace all oil, install new filter. Pump for pressure again.
  12. Top up water level.
  13. Re-start, set ignition timing, run for 10 minutes – vary rpm’s.
  14. At track, pump for pressure, warm-up in paddock.
  15. Run 1-2 laps slow. Check systems.
  16. Run 10 laps at medium speed. Check systems. Check header bolts, etc.
  17. Run hard, go racing!

Assuming you have done step one correctly, you should have no problems.